apoMEDICAL, your specialist for medical translations

We are specialists in medical, medical technology, dentistry and pharmaceutical translations.

Our in-house team in Bremen (formerly known
as medDOC®) has been creating translations and documentation for fundamental subjects in the field of medicine for over 50 years.

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Your requirements are what drive us.

We are well aware of the requirements placed upon us by an extremely demanding customer base. And rightfully so. Because when it comes to people’s health, everything really does have to be just right. 

Whether it’s technical information or instructions for use (package inserts), an operating manual for an X-ray machine or clinical studies, even just a simple transposition of numbers can become quite costly or perhaps put people in danger.

The result is that we are under the implicit obligation to operate with care and precision – across all levels.

We translate:

  • Clinical studies
  • Technical information and operating manuals
  • Instructions for use (IFU)
  • Graphical user interfaces (GUI)
  • Product catalogues
  • Websites
  • Advertising brochures
  • Press releases
«Multilingual medical documentation takes a high degree of precision and care. Our well-established team of specialist translators, revisers and, if necessary, specialists will check your texts, putting them through their paces. Because translations can also save lives.»
Isabelle Cetra-Schiffler · Team Leader, Language Department – Bremen

The apoMEDICAL five-point guarantee:

  1. Native speakers
    Regardless of the language combination, our translations are carried out exclusively by translators who are native speakers of the target language.
  2. Certified quality
    Highly qualified translators, multiple rounds of proofreading, and constant evaluation of employees and processes guarantee the utmost in translation quality.
  3. All-inclusive prices
    When the workflow is precisely structured, calculating the costs is easier. We quote our customers binding prices in advance – and there are no changes.
  4. Fixed delivery deadlines
    Experienced project managers guarantee fixed delivery deadlines and ensure that delivery is punctual.
  5. Data protection
    Customer data belongs to the respective customers and is protected from unauthorised third-party access.

apoMEDICAL: We shoulder the responsibility in many languages.

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The translations: done by specialists.

Specialist translations in the fields of medicine, dentistry, medical technology and pharmaceuticals require very specific know-how, utmost care, a strong sense of responsibility and a quality assurance system which guarantees consistent results across all languages and the entire production process.


The service: an all-inclusive package.

With our full service, we and our customers would like to take responsibility for the people around the world that use this documentation in many different languages.

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The employees: our assets.

Our most important assets to reach this goal are our employees: specialist translators, proofreads, scientists, doctors, layout specialists, project managers and customer consultants, whose responsible conduct plays a big role in our customers being satisfied.

We attach great importance to the specialisation and professional development of our employees, who always stay up to date with and implement the latest medical terminology. This is the only way we can consistently guarantee the high standard of quality that our customers expect from us when translating demanding texts such as operating manuals, medical reports, clinical studies, patient information or medical records.

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The technology: more time for the important things.

State-of-the-art digital tools help along the entire workflow: translation memory systems (CAT tools) and termbases support the consistent and precise use of terminology from the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

We input translations directly into their layout and create print-ready documents in all standard file formats. This saves time and reduces costs for all involved.

Expertise in all medical fields

Anyone directly working on a text for us has a university degree in applied linguistics and has also specialised in the fields of medicine in which they work. And, of course, they are a native speaker of the target language.

Additionally, apoMEDICAL makes use of a network of doctors and scientists who, upon request, will carry out a technical proofread of the translated texts in their native language.

"Producing 150-page operating manuals for MRI machines in 30 languages, without errors, legally compliant and on time – this is an undertaking that requires absolute specialists."

The new medical devices regulation (MDR)

Instructions for use and product information have to be adapted to the MDR requirements and the requested translations made available. Here the focus is on instructions for use that are a part of a medical product. A mistake or deficiency in the instructions for use constituting a loophole in safety may deem the approval invalid.

Unambiguously, the EU regulation stipulates that packaging and instructions for use have to be provided in the languages recognised by the member states in which the product is to be sold.

In case of doubt, this means all 24 EU languages.


We support you with this efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • Translation of your documentation in compliance with the new MDR terminology.
  • Taking on existing translations.
  • Translating new languages that are still missing.
  • Creation of Translation Memories and termbases.
  • Project management.
  • Comparison of repetitions.

apoMEDICAL: our quality management– taking responsibility for customers and patients

On request, texts from the medical field go through our DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 17100-certified translation process, which leaves nothing to chance. Across all levels of production through to the preprint stage, quality is meticulously assured using the principle of two-person review and documented in a traceable manner.

Reaching goals together

  • Your projects in the best hands

    With us, every customer has a dedicated contact person. This means that you will always be looked after by an expert who will respond to your needs and keep you up to date at all times.
  • Language intelligence

    Our in-house IT and development department ensures the clever use of technologies so that humans and machines work in harmony in an intelligent way.
  • Certified security

    Both our information security and our quality management are ISO-certified, which guarantees secure processes.