Conquering global markets with localised website translations

To ensure that translated web texts are successful in an international context, they must be linguistically and culturally appropriate to the conditions of the foreign-language target markets. This creates greater customer proximity and builds trust. Apostroph has many years of experience in localising website translations and helps your message get more attention – everywhere.

  • Translation and localisation of websites for international use
  • Translations directly from the content management system
  • Simplified data transfer processes thanks to connectivity solutions
  • Smooth workflows for content updates
  • Search-engine-optimised texts and translations
  • Various supported web formats such as HTML, XML and Java Properties


Professional website translations

More success with localised website translation

Websites that are translated in a targeted manner open up access to international markets. It is essential that the messages are concise, perfect in terms of style and appealing so that they are read with pleasure by the target audience.

Our experienced language professionals know their way around web texts and always strike the right note. As they translate exclusively into their native language, we guarantee you a linguistically polished web presence from the home page and product descriptions to the formulation of your company philosophy.


Intelligent interfaces save time

Our language technology experts are always at the cutting edge of technology and are constantly expanding our system so that we can meet all our customers’ needs. For example, we have many interfaces that we can connect directly to your CMS. After that, all it takes is a few clicks and your order lands with us at Apostroph.

Tedious tasks such as copying and pasting text or exporting and importing files are no longer necessary. Your orders are processed quickly and easily, and you can turn to more important things with peace of mind.

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Website translation from content management system
Translating websites: file formats

Always in the right format

When it comes to data exchange, we are extremely flexible and can process and export your website translation in a wide variety of formats. Our system ‘understands’ all file types from CSV, XML and HTML to HTM, XLIFF and JSON.
In the next section, you will learn how you can automate the translation process from end to end – thanks to our interfaces to your content management system (CMS).


Localising websites

Our translations for online shops are up and running in no time at all

Shop visitors want advice in their mother tongue and up-to-date information about the latest products. We offer various solutions and interfaces for e-commerce. With just a few clicks, you can arrange the necessary translations directly from your environment. This way you always have up-to-the-minute product descriptions for your potential buyers.

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We know how to feed search engines properly

On request, we optimise your web texts for the relevant search engines. Together with you, our trained SEO team defines the central keywords. We use state-of-the-art software to determine the best hits in the individual target languages. In addition, we check the readability as well as the sentence and text length.

With a proper website localisation, you will leave an impression on your readers and, with the right keywords, also on the search engine.


About SEO translations

Do you have questions or are interested in collaborating with us?

I would be happy to answer your queries and introduce you to Apostroph Group and its services in person.
Ute Schneider
Head of Sales
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Effective localisation for strong acceptance in the target market

The basis for successful multilingual communication is localisation. On the one hand, this requires that the translation is geared to the culture of the region. On the other hand, highly developed localisation tools are needed to adapt the multilingual website, products and software to the target market.

With an in-depth localisation strategy, your company will communicate authentically in every language and your website content will win over your stakeholders in other countries and regions as well as those in the domestic market.


The advantages of our website translations at a glance:

  • Advice and processing by specialised language technology experts
  • Interface connection for simplified translation management
  • Style-assured language professionals who are familiar with website translations
  • SEO-compliant translation
  • Localised translations that adapt to cultural aspects
  • Consideration of corporate wording
  • High translation quality thanks to native speakers


Any questions?

Essentially, we accept all formats. Files that cannot be edited – including PDFs, for example – are converted. If you are unsure whether we can process your format, just ask us.

You are welcome to request a free test translation or a style sample from us.

Yes, that’s possible, but an export from your system to ours would be better. That’s the only way we can take technological savings into account and ensure consistency in company terminology.

We would be happy to advise you on interfaces in person.

We have a wide range of solutions for system connections. We establish a secure connection to all relevant CMS, editing systems, PIM, sourcing platforms and company-specific systems via apoCONNECTORS, API connections or hot folders. We also support other market-relevant tools. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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Because innovation plays a crucial role in our company, we are constantly developing new solutions to further optimise translation processes. This includes state-of-the-art translation management systems and interfaces to CMS, PIM, editorial or company-specific systems. On request – and where appropriate – we can also implement machine translation. With our apoAI, we offer outstanding translation quality, which enables lean or even fully automatic processes, thus making handling more efficient and cost-effective.

Find out more about optimising translation processes

Technology savings can be achieved by using repetitions within a text from previous translations. This is made possible by translation memory technology, which memorises passages and terms and suggests them when appropriate. This reduces the translators’ time and effort without compromising on quality. We pass on the resulting savings to you in the form of a discount.

We are one of the leading suppliers in this field. With our proprietary company solution apoAI, we have a neural machine translation system which is capable of learning and which backs up all data in Switzerland in accordance with ISO 27001. Machine translations can be purchased in combination with post-editing services, as raw data or fully automated on a monthly subscription basis.

Achieving goals together

  • Your projects in the best hands

    We work with single points of contact. As a result, you will be looked after by a highly experienced contact person who takes your needs into account and keeps you up to date at all times.
  • We speak your language

    Depending on the project, we put together specific teams of internal and external experts who are well versed in your corporate language.
  • Language intelligence

    Our in-house IT and development department ensures the clever use of technologies so that man and machine are in harmony in an intelligent way.