Whatever the language, our legal translations are legally compliant

Our customers for legal translations include renowned law firms and companies as well as public authorities. They appreciate the technical expertise of our translation professionals, the simple order processing and our high security standards. Challenge us – if you wish, we can also deliver certified translations and translations with an apostille within an express deadline.

Linguistic precision and comprehensive knowledge of legal norms

At Apostroph, our legal translators are proficient in specialist terminology, are familiar with national and international legal standards but also know how a legal text must read in terms of style. They translate without exception into their mother tongue and are very meticulous about the details. As the leading language service provider in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, we can assure you of the highest translation quality, particularly in the following areas of law:

  • Contract law
  • Administrative law
  • Litigation law
  • Corporate law
  • Commercial law
  • Arbitration and arbitration procedure law
  • Labour law
  • Data protection law (incl. GDPR)
  • International private and contract law

A translation agency for all your needs and requirements

We regularly translate for law firms, companies and authorities that operate across language borders. Translations into French, Italian and English still account for the majority of orders. But other languages such as Arabic, Portuguese or Chinese are also catching up strongly. Whatever language you need for your legal translation, we have the right translators.

Examples of the areas, statutes and articles of association that we have translated:

  • Intellectual property documents (IP translations)
  • Copyright and licences
  • Court decisions
  • Patents
  • Data protection regulations
  • General terms and conditions, general conditions of insurance
  • Orders
  • Extracts from criminal records
  • Documents
  • Statements of claim
  • Depositions
  • Trusts and wills
  • Witness statements
  • Litigation
  • Contracts
  • Resolutions, agreements
  • Extracts from commercial and debt collection registers
  • Declarations of completeness, letters of opposition
  • Duplicates, replicas, requests for arbitration
  • Court decisions

From A for apostille to Z for zipper clause: certified translations

Since the demand for certified translations is constantly increasing, Apostroph has greatly expanded this service. Our certified and sworn translators make all business and private documents fit for international use, whether you are opening a branch abroad or transferring employees to a foreign-language business location. And if you need an apostille, we will also take care of going to the authorities.

Express translations in Apostroph quality

We accept orders around the clock and we also provide express translations in the same high quality that we are known for. You can place your order with just a few clicks in our customer portal. The rest is taken care of by our experienced project management staff and our flexible legal translators.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to work with us?

I would be delighted to introduce you to Apostroph Germany and its services in person.
Tamara Weßel
Operational Management
Tamara Weßel

Our data security is banking standard

As our customers include not only law firms but also medical groups, the pharmaceutical industry and financial institutions, handling sensitive data responsibly is part of our business.


The advantages of our legal translations at a glance:

  • Both certified legal experts and linguists experienced in legal translations
  • Guaranteed native speakers
  • Experience in all areas of law
  • Precise and terminologically correct
  • Certified translations and apostilles by sworn and certified specialist translators
  • 120 expert in-house employees with industry know-how

Any questions?

It is best to clarify with the authorities of your destination country what type of certification you need for your documents. As a rule, official documents require notarisation. For countries that are part of the Hague Agreement, an apostille is also required; for countries that are not part of the Hague Agreement, you also need legalisation.

Yes, we rely exclusively on native-speaking professionals for all our services, whether for translation, copywriting or interpreting.

Achieving goals together

  • We speak your language

    Depending on the project, we put together specific teams of internal and external experts who are well versed in your corporate language.
  • Language intelligence

    Our in-house IT and development department ensures the clever use of technologies so that man and machine are in harmony in an intelligent way.
  • A spirit of partnership

    We have long-standing partnerships with many of our customers. In addition to quality, they appreciate our values such as reliability, transparency and fairness.