Transcreation makes every translation an original

In contrast to a conventional translation, a transcreation sometimes differs greatly from the source text. In the process, it delves even more deeply into the culture and language codes of other countries and regions to grab the audience’s attention. Do you have a source text with a message that should be conveyed freely, or a slogan that you would like to use internationally? Our transcreation professionals have the necessary expertise.

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Reach new target groups
  • Communication that is tailored to the target audience
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Optimisation of SEO results
  • For successful national and international advertising campaigns
  • For even greater credibility and authenticity

Transcreation – a brief definition

Transcreation is a term made up of the words translation and creation. The concept behind the term is that the content of a text is adapted for a certain set of target readers and tailored to their specific needs. This is more than just a simple translation because, essentially, something entirely new is created on the basis of the source material. It could also be referred to as ‘creative translation’ – but the term transcreation has already established itself in the industry.

A few powerful words

Especially when translating short statements, such as slogans or original headlines, transcreation reveals one of its greatest strengths. Thanks to their creativity and eloquence, our specialised translators know how to phrase even the shortest of messages in the target language. With transcreations from Apostroph, your message will have a counterpart in the foreign language that is every bit as good as the original.

Top of our transcreation hit list are:

  • Claims, slogans and taglines
  • Headlines
  • Online advertising
  • Social media content
  • Creative marketing texts

Different countries, different customs

Generally speaking, our linguists never translate word for word. Instead, they adapt idioms and wordplay linguistically, take cultural idiosyncrasies into account, word texts to suit the particular target group and check whether the text matches the images.

When it comes to transcreation, they go one step further, for example by repackaging messages, expanding individual passages, and developing their own ideas for headlines and claims, while retaining the core message, communicating it in a completely new way.

This is why transcreation strikes a chord with people like no other type of translation. If you want to tailor creative advertising copy and slogans or eloquent running texts for marketing materials and brochures even more precisely to different countries, cultures and target groups, transcreation by Apostroph is your key to success.

Transcreation: how it works

- characteristics and features
- for whom and why
- when it should be used
- who can do it

Advantages of transcreation

The advantages of our transcreations at a glance:

  • Creative translation of a multilingual campaign for a strong target group focus
  • Reflection of corporate identity
  • Incorporation of the cultural characteristics of a region
  • Specialised language professionals who are at home in the source and target languages
  • Convincing realisation of demanding texts characterised by wordplay, ambiguity, etc.
  • Skilful incorporation of creativity and emotion
  • Compliance with corporate wording

Any questions?

Essentially, we accept all formats. Files that cannot be edited – including PDFs, for example – are converted. If you are unsure whether we can process your format, just ask us.

A PDF file is generally unsuitable because it cannot be edited. However, we can convert the PDF, although that could result in changes to the original formatting. If a conversion is not possible, the translation is typed directly into a Word file, which inevitably increases the workload.

If you have the original image file, we can usually translate the text directly in the image. Otherwise, the translation will be delivered as a Word file.

That’s possible. Please send us your font as a font file.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to work with us?

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Tamara Weßel
Operational Management
Tamara Weßel

Achieving goals together

  • Your projects in the best hands

    We work with single points of contact. As a result, you will be looked after by a highly experienced contact person who takes your needs into account and keeps you up to date at all times.
  • Intelligent creativity

    In line with your needs, we put together a creative team that is eloquent and scores highly with originality.
  • A spirit of partnership

    We have long-standing partnerships with many of our clients. In addition to quality, they appreciate our values such as reliability, transparency and fairness.