Cutting-edge machine translation

Human linguistic intelligence combined with neural machine translation – plus expert consulting in translation technology and translation automation. That’s language intelligence. That’s apoAI.

The latest generation of machine translation
Quality and costs translations
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When things have to go fast, our apoAI is unbeatable

Do you need a 100-page call for tenders translated within the shortest possible time to get a good overview? Or do you need numerous company reports in a second language so that your team can understand the content? Our apoAI is an ideal supplement to professional human translation.

Machine translation with human-in-the-loop


When a machine-translated text is checked and revised by language professionals retrospectively, this is called post-editing. By correcting errors and inaccuracies, the edited engine output attains the quality of a professional human translation.

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APIs and machine translation solutions

Interfaces and MT solutions that fit

Our in-house developers have mastered a wide variety of challenges involving interfaces and connected entire language service systems to our machine translation engine. Are you looking for a machine translation solution that is specifically geared to the needs of your company or your authority? Apostroph’s technology team has the knowledge, the experience and the necessary creativity. We are happy to provide support.

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Achieving goals together

  • Language intelligence

    Our in-house IT and development department ensures the clever use of technologies so that man and machine are in harmony in an intelligent way.
  • We speak your language

    Depending on the project, we put together specific teams of internal and external experts who are well versed in your corporate language.
  • A spirit of partnership

    We have long-standing partnerships with many of our customers. In addition to quality, they appreciate our values such as reliability, transparency and fairness.