Smart interfaces save time

Our developers and localisation engineers are always at the cutting edge of technology and continuously expand our system to meet all customer needs. For example, we have many interfaces that we can connect directly to your CMS. Just a few clicks is all it takes for your order to arrive at Apostroph.

There is no need for tedious activities such as copying and pasting text or exporting and importing files. Your orders will be processed quickly and easily, and you can enjoy peace of mind as you focus on more important things.

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Our translations for online shops work in no time

Shop visitors want to be “advised” in their native language and always want to be in the know about the latest products. We offer various solutions and interfaces for e-commerce. With just one click, you can initiate the necessary translations directly from your environment. This means you always have up-to-date product descriptions for potential buyers.

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Always in the right format

When it comes to data exchange, we are extremely flexible and process and export your website translation in a wide variety of formats. Our system “understands” all file types from CSV, XML, HTML and HTM to XLIFF and JSON. Find out how to automate the translation process thanks to our interfaces to your content management system (CMS).