Dentistry/dental technology translations

Specialist translations in the entire dental sector represent an important business area of our company. That is why we have specialist knowledge in areas as diverse as aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, implantology, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics and preventive dentistry.

apoMEDICAL translates worldwide

We have a broad network of cooperation partners in the dental sector worldwide. This way, we ensure that we can meet the high quality demands of our customers from the various fields of dentistry at all times.

Dentaltechnological devices

Terminology localisation

Anyone who wants to sell an individually grindable gingiva former made of biocompatible plastic is usually faced with buyers with the appropriate expertise. Which makes it all the more important that there are no errors in the description of the product and its possible applications.
In foreign trade, it is well known that the error factor can be multiplied many times over. What is understood in the national market has to be specifically localised for export. This refers to the classification of a term in the respective national linguistic context,

because terms by no means all have a literal counterpart in the target market. This requires both that the translators and proofreaders have a sound level of expertise and close collaboration with dental experts in the respective target country.

apoMEDICAL: our quality management– taking responsibility for customers and patients

On request, texts from the medical field go through our DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 17100-certified translation process, which leaves nothing to chance. Across all levels of production through to the preprint stage, quality is meticulously assured using the principle of two-person review and documented in a traceable manner.

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